Vibrato Workshop

Chris Potter’s Vibrato Workbook won first prize in the National Flute Assoc.’s Newly Published Music pedagogy category in 2016. Praised for its methodical and logically structured format that leads players ever closer to control of their vibrato speed and intensity, the workbook is indispensable for flutists of all ages.

The Vibrato Workshop will be open to all sizes of flutes at Chris Potter’s Alto and Bass Retreat on Saturday, May 20th. The Workshop is at St. Paul Lutheran Church 515 S. Wheaton Ave. Wheaton, Illinois, in the Sanctuary. All attendees must have the Vibrato Workbook and their flute of choice to participate. Part 1 of the class is scheduled from 10:30 to 11:30; Part 2 is from 1:00 to 2:00. Tuition is $20 in advance whether you attend one or both parts. Cost is $25 at the door.

The Vibrato Workbook is available from Chris, Windy City Flutes, Flute World, Carolyn Nussbaum’s, Flute Center of New York, Flute Specialists and The Flute Pro Shop.

Windy City Flutes will be bringing music, flutes and accessories and be set up at the entrance to the sanctuary. Visit them right after class!

Send Chris an email at asking her to register you for the class. She will send you a PayPal request or you can pay via Venmo. You can order the Vibrato Workbook in the same email for a discount price of $24.