Performance Aids

Alto Flute Performance Aids

Bass Flute Performance Aids

Alto & Bass Pegs

IMG_2105Here is a set of pegs, including c flute, alto and bass, that folds up into a nice compact unit that is lightweight.


This shows my bass peg in a base that was originally designed for three larger flutes, a piccolo and another small, light instrument like a recorder. I modified it as seen in another photo to accommodate four large flutes. This folds up and becomes very compact. It is great for traveling.


Here is a set of three pegs and a base. The pegs screw into the base and the set comes with another peg for a picc. Local woodworkers can make something similar. This is made of rosewood – you need a dense heavy wood for stability.

IMG_2095Here is the most portable option for multiple flutes as it comes from the maker. There are pegs for a bass, an alto and a c flute, plus two sticks you press in for a piccolo or recorder.

IMG_2166I modified the portable wooded base to work for four large flutes, – I have added my E Flat – plus the piccolo and I stuck a recorder on the other small peg opposite the piccolo.

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Cleaning Cloths

IMG_2181I have found this design to work very well. It has a straight wand to allow you to get to the end of the head joint, and a curved wand which allows you to get through the curved section. The straight wand will not go through the curved head joint, but enough fabric gets through to clean the moisture out.

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Hand Positioner Patches

There are two types available. The white patch, officially called the hand positioner, is thiner and has a more plastic feel to it. The black one is thicker and feels a little more like a fabric. I have no idea what the black one is called, it was sent to me when the store was out of the white ones.

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Right Hand Thumb Support

Because there is no standard bore size for altos, an adjustable thumb support had to be designed. I have tested it and it works just fine. Here is a photo


They also come in black. Flute World and Nussbaum’s has these. $55-60 The web address is

Bass Supports

Two bass flute supports are now on the market. Both are pricey. The first clamps onto the bass and the rod sits on your leg for about $260. Rumor has it can now be adjusted to reach to the floor, but I have yet to see that in action.


Available from Flute World and Carolyn Nussbaum’s.

The second, the Bass Boost, sits on the floor, swivels with you and can adjust from sitting to standing. I have tried this and it is very comfortable to use. About $250. Sorry, the photo won’t enlarge.


it is available from!prettyPhoto   and from Flute World and Carolyn Nussbaum’s.

The bass flute lap crutch, photo below, is only sporadically available because of supply and quality control issues and is no longer being carried by most stores. If you happen to have one or find a used one, here is how to use it. The curved part goes on your right leg. The hook just above the curved part is to put over a belt if you are standing. 

You can adjust the length of the rod with the screw in the center. The small curved piece on the right side of the picture is where the flute sits. The cradle at the end sits underneath the bass (or straight head alto) under the “F” key. If you find it works better in a slightly better location, go for it!

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Lip Plate Patches

IMG_2177The lip plate patches help keep the flute from slipping when you get sweaty. They come about 15 to a package and each one lasts for many hours of playing.

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Thumb Crutches

I only know of one maker of custom thumb crutches for bass flutes – Al Hagar I am looking for a second or even third person. To make a custom crutch for you, they will first need either the existing crutch or an exact measurement of the post thickness. Here are some examples of custom crutches: