Flute Choir Music

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Ravel’s Bolero

This video was made June 1st 2019 at an assisted living center in Chattanooga during the Alto and Bass Retreat. The low flutes version for two altos, bass and optional contrabass is available as a digital download. A version with 2 c flutes, alto, bass and contra is also available. Contact me if you are interested in either version.


Tres Ratoncitos Ciegos (Three Blind Mice)

for flute choir and commissioned by the Flutissimo! flute choir

Published by Falls House Press and distributed through Presser. For two piccolos, 4 c flutes, alto, bass and optional contrabass. In addition to the tune you would expect, also look for Eine Kleine, two Mexican Hat Dance tunes, a tango, and Row, Row, Row your Boat. Perfect for a kids concert


Somewhere Over the Rainbow

An easy arrangement for four altos, two basses and optional contrabass. Available only through SheetMusicPlus as a digital download. In a good key for audience sing-a-longs. To purchase see SheetMusicPlus product listing.


Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy

Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy by Raye and Prince was a huge hit for the Andrews Sister starting in 1941, and Bette Midler’s version in 1972 reached the top 10 in the pop tunes chart. Scored for piccolo, 3 c flutes, alto flute, bass flute and optional contrabass.  Only available as a digital download through SheetMusicPlus. This jazzy piece would be a great concert opener to get your audience energized! Includes some spoken lyrics by the choir. To purchase see SheetMusicPlus product listing.



Dogs Among the Bushes is a traditional Irish tune arranged for two c flutes, alto flute and bass flute. The ornaments are written out. Also arranged for two altos and bass/contra. I thought this title was quite fun and the tune charming! Perfect for Irish-themed concerts. Self-published. Currently available as a digital download with no postage charge.


Night Visions

Night Visions by Brahms for 3 altos, 2 basses and contrabass. A mysterious but rich setting of a short piano piece.  Self-published


Fanfare for the French Quarter

Written for Priscilla Holt and the Greater Dallas Youth Orchestra for their performance at the New Orleans NFA convention. Scored for picc, 4 flutes, alto and bass. Self-published