Stellar Solos for Alto Flute

Stellar Solos is now available! 28 outstanding pieces arranged for intermediate through advanced alto flute players.

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StellarSolos-cov-cStellar Solos

Stellar Solos contains 28 pieces that are fun to play and work especially well on alto! Works include Ravel’s theme from Bolero, Arab Dance from the Nutcracker, Irish tune Cherish the Ladies, the Mozart Adagio from the Flute Quartet in D, a Stravinsky Pastorale and, Allegro Alla Handel by Karg-Elert. Below is a table of contents and a few sample pages.
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For FREE shipping – order Stellar Solos and one or both of the following books. All three books can be purchased for $45 (save $4.90), no shipping charge. Enter “Stellar +2” on the order form  for all three.

Winter Duets

WinterDuets-cov-a copy2

Includes Vivaldi’s Winter Concerto, the Ukranian Bell Carol,  the Love Theme from Romeo and Juliet, Waltz of the Flowers
from The Nutcracker and a duet version
of Corelli’s Christmas Eve Concerto. 
All duets are arranged to work for all combinations of C flutes and G flutes.
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Flute Aerobics Scales

Scales Cover

Flute Aerobics Scales is for advanced players with optional material for professionals. If you are ready for challenging yet fun new patterns for scales and arpeggios, this book is for you! Scales covered include the blues, whole tone, and pentatonic as well as major, minor and chromatic scales. Look for noodles, loops and cascades. more info – scoll down