October 2021 Retreat – Huntsville, Alabama or Chattanooga, Tennessee.

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Pay no attention to anything written below. This is last year’s info. Not sure what I will need to keep yet.

At a Glance:

  • Dates: Retreat begins on-line Thursday morning, June 18th and ends Saturday late afternoon June 20th. There are no events in the evenings.
  • Required Workshop books: Seven Steps to Better Intonation  and  Vibrato Workbook
  • Retreat Registration: 2020 June Retreat Application #2
  • Private lessons: will be scheduled on Wednesday, June 17th. There is a spot on the registration form to sign up. Lessons are $75 for one hour. 

Tuition for the June 2020 Virtual Retreat is $275. Send a check with your registration form: my address is below.

Repertoire We will be working on three pieces: Jupiter from the Holst The Planets, Holst’s original setting of the theme (Thaxted) and, Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata. At the end of the Retreat, participants will submit a video playing their individual parts of the three pieces. This video will be combined with all the videos into a movie which will be posted on YouTube. Here is an example that I just recently posted https://youtu.be/FSSJMsaieeo . You will receive your assigned music shortly after the registration deadline once I know how many people of what ability levels are playing which instruments.

Workshops – Intonation and Vibrato.

In the Intonation Workshop, you will discover how to anticipate what circumstances may result in being out of tune in a flute choir, band, playing with piano or in mixed chamber groups. Discover the common mistake when tuning in a flute choir. You will learn skills that will improve your ability to make the necessary adjustments. Don’t be the person in your group who is the most out-of-tune. The Virtual Retreat will offer an intensive three-part Intonation Workshop.

Required book Seven Steps to Better Intonation published by Falls House Press.

Do you want a more consistent and expressive vibrato? Exactly how does vibrato enhance and improve phrasing or, make phrasing less effective? In the Vibrato Workshop you will learn how to control the intensity and rhythm of air pulses and, how to develop the flexibility to create expressive phrasing. We will talk about where and when and how much vibrato is appropriate. The Vibrato Workshop will be in two parts.

Required book Vibrato Workbook  published by Falls House Press.

You must have the required books to participate. Seven Steps to Better Intonation  and  Vibrato Workbook

For a payment through PayPal, send to cpotter@mac.com. If you send as a “friend”, they do not charge a fee. If I request the money, they charge a fee which amounts to an increase of 5% in your tuition. To pay for a private lesson, add $75 to your check or include an additional $75 in your PayPal payment.

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Contact me at chris@chrispotterflute.com if you want more information about either Retreat.

  1. Use these guidelines to determine your Repertoire Level, which you’ll need to know when filling out the Retreat Application.
  2. Download and complete the retreat application.
  3. Registration forms: scan and email completed form to cpotter@mac.com. Or, snail mail the completed registration so that it is received by May 15th, along with the Retreat tuition ($275 or $350 with private lesson), to:
Chris Potter
2985 18th Street
Boulder, CO 80304

50% tuition refund until May 15th.  No refunds after those dates.