2019 Retreats

Announcing 2019 Dates for the 15th Annual Alto and Bass Retreats!

There will be two 2019 Alto and Bass Retreats, one near Boulder, Colorado, one in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Dates and other information start below the photo.


The Chattanooga Retreat will begin on Wednesday evening, May 29th and people depart Sunday morning, June 2nd. It will be held at the Fairfield Inn and Suites on Shallowford Village Drive. Here is the link to the hotel reservations page: Chattanooga Hotel Link

Private lessons will be available on Wednesday during the day for $80 for an hour on a first-come first-served basis. Update – Wednesday lesson times are now full. I can probably fit one or two more lessons in during the Retreat, but won’t know for sure until I work out the precise schedule. Do NOT include a lesson payment with your tuition, but do write on your application form that you are interested in a lesson and I will put you on a wait list.

The Boulder Retreat will begin Wednesday evening, June 19th and people depart Sunday morning, June 23rd.  The Retreat will be held at the Marriott Courtyard Hotel on Dillon Rd. near Boulder, Colorado.  Boulder Hotel Reservation.

Private lessons will be available on Wednesday during the day for $80 for an hour on a first-come first-served basis.

What Happens at the Retreats?

We will be preparing two full choir pieces, a smaller choir piece and a few chamber pieces for a public performance.  Each chamber group receives at least two coaching sessions with Chris. One of the full choir pieces will be a new low flutes arrangement of I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas in the original vocal key for an audience sing-a-long.  A smaller choir piece will be a movement or two of Corelli’s Christmas Concerto. A duet for two advanced players will include Vivaldi’s Winter Concerto from The Four Seasons  violin concertos.

Workshop topics in 2019 at both Retreats will be Improving Breath Control and Alternate Fingerings to Improve Intonation and Tonal Response.  Discover ways to play longer phrases and, develop options on your instrument for better control of pitch.

There will be the ever-popular informal sight-reading sessions in the evenings, so bring copies of your favorite duets, trios and quartets to share with others.

Tuition for the 2019 Boulder Retreat is $425 and $450 for the Chattanooga Retreat. Send a check with your application form: my address is below.

For a payment through PayPal, send to cpotter@mac.com. If you send as a friend, they do not charge a fee. If I request the money, they charge a fee which amounts to an increase of 5%.   For a private lesson, add $80 to your check or include an additional $80 in your PayPal payment.

DSCN3161 2

Contact me at chris@chrispotterflute.com if you want more information about either Retreat.

  1. Download, and complete the retreat application.
  2. Use these guidelines to determine your Repertoire Level, which you’ll need to know when filling out the Retreat Application.
  3. Application forms: Email completed form to cpotter@mac.com. Or, mail the completed Chattanooga application so that it is received by April 20th or, the Boulder application so that it is received by May 18th, along with the Retreat tuition (Chattanooga $450 or $530 with private lesson, or Boulder $425 or $510 with private lesson), to:
15th Annual Alto and Bass Flute Retreat
c/o Chris Potter
2985 18th Street
Boulder, CO 80304

Fifty-percent (50%) tuition refund until April 20th for Chattanooga; Boulder, May 18th.  No refunds after those dates.

Chattanooga Directions.

If you are driving in, the hotel is at exit #5 on I-75, on the west side of the interstate.  It’s across the street from the Cracker Barrel.

There is an airport in Chattanooga, but we suggest flying into Atlanta and taking the Groome Shuttle to Chattanooga. It is about 2 hours and 15 min. from Atlanta to Chattanooga on the shuttle. Cost is around $88 round trip. The shuttle leaves the Atlanta Airport once an hour. Make a reservation online or call 423-954-1400. You will go to their office on Ringgold Rd. which is the closest drop-off location to our hotel. Their office is open 24/7 and will call a cab for you. The hotel is The Fairfield Inn and Suites at 2345 Shallowford Village Dr. 423-499-3800.

Directions to Boulder/Louisville hotel:

  1. If you are coming via plane,  you will be flying in and out of Denver International Airport (DIA). You’ll want to arrive in time to get from the airport to the hotel (~1 hour), check in, and be ready for the opening retreat session, which starts at 7pm.
  2. To make transportation arrangements from and to Denver International Airport,  Visit DIA’s ground transportation page for car rental, bus services, and other options. Your destination is the Boulder/Louisville Courtyard by Marriott 948 W. Dillon in Louisville. The hotel is accessed from the McCaslin exit off of US 36. The airport bus stops a few blocks from the Marriott at the McCaslin stop. Airport/Boulder bus If you are arriving by bus, let me know your intended arrival time several days ahead and I can have someone pick you up there. I use the airport bus all the time, it is reliable, clean and safe. The bus leaves once an hour from the transportation center underneath the hotel. Exit the south end of the terminal building, cross an open patio, go down the loooong escalator, turn left and you will see the street where the busses arrive and depart. Turn right at the street and look for the A/B route on the overhead screens.
  3. Look for your ensemble music to arrive via mail shortly after the application deadline for each Retreat.
  4. Practice the ensemble parts that are mailed to you.
  5. Get in touch with Chris if you have questions, need information, or just want to touch base before the Retreat!

The 2015 Alto & Bass Flute Retreats were resounding successes! Check out photos from recent retreats!

2015 Retreat Photos2014 Retreat Photos2013 Retreat Photos2011 Retreat Photos | 2010 Retreat Photos | Older Retreat Photos

“I really enjoyed meeting others with a shared interest and playing with them (I hate practicing alone).  I learned a lot and next time plan to sign up for one of Chris’ private lessons.” —Steve B.

“Add me to the list of those who thought this retreat was a wonderful experience.  It was great seeing old friends from last year, as well as meeting others for the first time. The air management class will definitely prove beneficial, and the alto and bass workshops and sight reading were just plain fun!  One highlight for me had to be the small group rehearsals and performance. As a member of a very small flute choir, it was a blast to get to actually play alto and bass with other alto and bass players.  The hotel setting was a huge improvement from the University dorms, and the staff was genuinely helpful.  I also highly recommend signing up for a private lesson with Chris.  It was well worth the expense.”—Linda in TX  

“I had the opportunity to attend Chris Potter’s Alto & Bass Flute Retreat last month in Boulder, CO. We had a great time and learned a lot about the BIG Flutes. She taught alternate fingerings, intonation, phrasing, playing better in a group setting, etc. We were able to work at the level we felt we are at: beginner, intermediate or advanced. She had some great music for us to learn. We played for a local church service on Sunday morning; then on Monday we played a recital at a piano gallery. It was all for us amateur adults which made it especially nice. Everyone had a great time.” —Mary in TX

“I attended Chris Potter’s 6th Annual Alto and Bass Flute retreat in California a few years ago. I was a beginning alto player at the time and had no idea how different the alto is from the c flute—in embouchure, intonation issues, idiosyncrasies, and more. The Retreat packed a lot of information and opportunities in just a few days, and it was a treat to meet ad work with low flutists from all over the US. I came away from the Retreat more skilled, more knowledgeable, and definitely inspired!” —Deb in COIMG_1785